Firewall monitoring and administration is one of the many managed security services Compuquip offers to companies in all industries. Our promise of these services is simple:

We monitor your network's firewalls to ensure they use the correct definitions and that there are no conflicting rules that can affect the performance of your network. If changes are required, we will make those changes and keep you updated.

For example, Compuquip frequently checks inbound and outbound firewall rules (these rules control data packets on or off the system) and cleans up unnecessary rules. This helps keep the firewall as efficient as possible. Every time we make such a change, we report the change and the reason, so you know what we are doing and how it affects your business.

We do our best to deal with you and your business processes and keep you up-to-date so you know that your investment in cybersecurity is worth it.

Flexible and customizable firewall management

Because we work with companies of all industries and sizes, we have extensive experience and a deep set of knowledge that we can draw on. Regardless of the firewall solution you are using, we have probably already worked with a version.

Even if we have never worked with your specific firewall solution, we are ready to work with your provider and get to know their solution so that we can fully integrate them into our cybersecurity processes (and make sure they are the best for you).

In this way, you can tackle one of the biggest challenges in monitoring and managing corporate firewalls. Therefore, you can be sure that your firewalls are managed correctly.

Regular management reports and firewall monitoring

Compuquip can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and analysis for your firewall. In this way, you are kept informed about the status of your firewall and new trends when accessing your network. Some important analyzes that can be included in these reports are:

Number of access requests.

Number of data packets rejected.

Reasons to reject data packets.

Lists which IP addresses have tried to access your network.

This data can help you improve your firewall settings to better protect your network.

Minimize impact on the firewall while maximizing security results

Compuquip strives to minimize the impact on business operations by learning about our customers' technology and business processes to find solutions that offer the best possible protection without affecting workflows or the user experience.

In fact, this is one reason why we are actively trying to work with our customers' technology providers. This helps us understand how these solutions fit so we don't make too much of a mistake by suggesting improvements and practices for a customer's cybersecurity tools.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that you, our customer, get the best possible protection without compromising the user experience for your own team and customers. Check here for more info on managed firewall service providers